CONGRATULATIONS to graduates of the class of 2016!!! Go Barristers!!!

John Marshall High School

Upcoming Events

12th Grade Fall Registration
Date: 8/8/2016, 8 AM 12 PM
Location: Auditorium
11th Grade Fall Registration
Date: 8/9/2016, 8 AM 12 PM
Location: Auditorium
10th Grade Fall Registration
Date: 8/10/2016, 8 AM 12 PM
Location: Auditorium
Staff Development Day
Date: 8/10/2016, 8 AM 3 PM
Location: JMHS
10-12 Grade Fall Registration (Make-up)
Date: 8/11/2016, 8 AM 12 PM
Location: Auditorium

News & Announcements

2016 Fall Registration

During Fall Registration students can receive their schedules, pick up their books, and request lockers. Additionally, parents can complete the meal application and purchase P.E. clothes. Aug 8th - 12th Graders, Aug 9th - 11th Graders; Aug 10th - 10th Graders; Aug 12th - 9th Graders. Check the Calendar for more details

Diploma Pick up

Graduates of the class of 2016 may pick up their diploma from the counseling office. Hours may vary so please call ahead and make sure that the office will be open.

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