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John Marshall High School

News & Announcements

JMHS Class of 2016 Prom Location Confirmed!!!
Seniors! We have exciting news to report. Your Class of 2016 Prom will be held at the W Hotel in Hollywood on May 14, 2016 from 7:00 to 11:59pm. The structure of the prom will be different than previous years as well. Instead of the traditional dinner and a dance in a ballroom, we are venturing out with a new format in two areas. Your Senior Cabinet has booked the ballroom for the dinner service and announcement of the prom court. To follow dinner, the dance portion will be held in a separate location in the hotel--the private rooftop club area, with panoramic views of Hollywood and beyond. This will be a once in a lifetime event. Ticket prices will be announced at the Senior Contract meeting in the fall. Please plan to buy your tickets early for this event. See more at the link. (Lopez, 9/20)
Softball Summer Practice
Attention future Barristers, if you are interested in playing softball next year send an e-mail to Oxl8811@lausd.net for summer practices. Start now, start early, get better, get stronger, don't wait! See you on the field...Coach Labrador (8/5)
Football Screening/Informational Meeting for New Players
WHEN: Monday, June 29, 2015
WHERE: Stadium Bleachers at Marshall HS
TIME: 2:00 PM

CONTACT: Coach Johnston
EMAIL: coachjohnston12@yahoo.com
AP European History Summer Assignment
If you are enrolled in Ms. Rhee's, or Mr. Klein's AP European History Class, please complete the assignment listed at the link in blue above. Thank you. (Rhee, 8/18)
S.A.S. Summer Assignments--Please check
Click on the blue link above for more details.
AP US History Summer Assignment 2015-2016
Please check out the AP US History Summer Assignment at the link above.
JMHS Health Care Center Is Closed For Summer As of May 28th
The JMHS Health Care Center will be closed from Friday, May 28th, until Monday August 10th. If you are in need of services, you may go to the nearby clinic called, "Asian Pacific Health Care Venture". This clinic is located in Los Feliz at 1530 Hillhurst Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90027. For appointments, call (323) 644-3888. The Health Care Center will resume operations on August 11, 2015. (Valle, 6/12)
Parents and students should review the school policy regarding electronic devices and understand the procedures to have items returned.
John Marshall HS Visitor's Policy
Courses Needed for Graduation--Class of 2017
Clearing Absences
Students who are absent must clear their absences in the Attendance Office either with a note from their parents, or a Medical Doctor. "Personal Business" absences are not considered excused absences. All Students will have two days to clear their absences upon their return to school. Absences that are not cleared will become "Uncleared" or "Truancy".
Transcript Requests and Pick-ups in Counseling Office
Former Marshall Students: If you are planning to order a transcript, or pick up one from Marshall HS, please be aware of the time you can do so. Transcripts can be ordered/picked up from the Counseling Office, Monday through Friday from 7:30 to 10:00am (Mornings) and 3:00 to 3:30pm (Afternoons).
Random Metal Detection Searches Everyday--Period 1 Begins at 8:00AM
Please arrive to school early, or on time. Students who are late to school may be subjected to Random Bag Searches and/or Metal Detection Searches (wanding), per LAUSD Safety Policy.
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