Welcome to John Marshall High School!  First Day of Instruction is August 20, Tuesday.

John Marshall High School

S.A.S. Information & Admission Policies

The School for Advanced Studies
The Marshall S.A.S. began as the Advanced Studies Academy in 1998, a year before the LAUSD started its own advanced John Marshall High School academic program. John Marshall's S.A.S. offers a dynamic, accelerated program of college preparatory courses, addressing the needs of intellectually gifted/advanced-level students. The S.A.S. comprehensive application process determines yearly enrollment, resulting in the selection of 120 talented, new students each year.
Our program distinguishes itself through its high-quality teaching staff, interactive classroom environments, and the intellectual riches that reflect our unique Los Angeles setting. Discussion, debate, critical writing/reading, project based instruction, and lab work are the cornerstones of the program. The select, modestly-sized student body, enables faculty to know each student and to follow his/her progress.
S.A.S. instructors hold weekly office hours and grades are reviewed by the S.A.S. Academic Committee at each marking period for the purpose of offering support and guidance where needed. Significant faculty-student relationships promote the success of each student in a positive atmosphere of intellectual challenge and high expectation.
* The S.A.S. "Smaller Learning Community" structure facilitates social & intellectual development by providing a community with which high-achieving students identify.
* A peer-elected Leadership Cabinet allows students to take an active role in S.A.S. decision-making.
* S.A.S. parents are connected to their children's high school experience through an accessible faculty and an active parent group-FMSAS (Friends of Marshall SAS). Connect via the "Link" on the Marshall Home Page.
Additional Facts:
* 100% 4-Year College Acceptance
*  2016 Graduating Class Notes:  Marshall's Valedictorian & Salutatorian, Six (6) of the Top 10, & Twenty-seven of the Top Fifty (50).   
* AP Courses in 15-20 Subject Areas
* AP Boost Program (UCLA)
* Nationally Ranked Academic Decathlon Program
Our Admissions Committee is committed to reviewing each applicant's admissions package in an effort to assemble a dynamic and prepared class. Following closely the LAUSD/GATE Admission Guidelines, traditional evidence of scholastic success is not the only factor considered. Since our program relies on students who are not only capable, but who aspire to a high level of scholarship, our review seeks to determine a student's ability, dedication, and creativity. Please see the "Link" on the Marshall Home Page for application materials and instructions.

Coordinator:  Mrs. Julia Novik
Recruitment Coordinator:  Mrs. Nicolle Fefferman
Administrator in Charge:  Mr. Barry Allwritght, Assistant Principal

Ms. Martha Atwell - AP English Language and Composition
Ms. Eleanor Barbour - A.P. English Language and Composition 
Mr. Nick Kapp - Honors Ninth Grade & Honors Tenth Grade
Mr. James Ursini - A.P. English Literature and Composition, A.P. English Language and Composition
Mrs. Kristine O'Neill -  H. English, A.P. English Language, & A.P. English Literature

Social Studies
Ms. Nicolle Fefferman  - Honors World History & Honors U.S. History
Ms. M Merrifield - AP US History
Mr. Mr. Cesar Soto - A.P. European History

Ms. Susanna Mktchyan - Honors Biology
Mr. David Gonzalez - Honors Chemistry, Honors Physics, and AP Chemistry
Ms. Alicia Chang - AP Physics

Ms. Juliet Avakian - Geometry & Pre-Calculus 
Ms. Julia Novik - Algebra 1 & 2,  AP Calculus A/B, & B/C

Foreign Language
Mr. Rogers - Spanish

Ms. Michelle Guerrieri - Ceramics 

Physical Education
Ms. O. Labrador
Required Curriculum
9th Grade
  • Honors English 9
  • Honors World History
  • Honors Biology
  • Honors Math (Geometry/Algebra2/Trig)
  • Foreign Language
  • Physical Education
10th Grade
  • Honors English 10
  • AP European History/AP World History
  • AP Biology
  • Honors/AP Math (Alg 2/Trig/Calc)
  • Foreign Language
  • Physical Education
11th Grade
  • AP English Language
  • AP US History/Honors US History
  • Honors/AP Math (Trig/Calc/Stats)
  • Foreign Language
  • Tech/fine Art Elective
12th Grade
  • AP English Literature
  • AP US Government/Economics/ Honors US Government/Economics
  • AP Math (Calc/Stats)
  • Electives (and other state requirements)
Classes Available in addition to the ones listed above:         
  • Honors Humanities (Academic Decathlon)
  • AP Chemistry
  • AP Foreign Language
  • AP Physics/ Honors Physics
  • AP Environmental Studies
  • Independent Study
  • Dance
  • Algebra 1
  • Auto Shop
  • Intro to Computers
  • Health
  • The Student Leadership Cabinet
Four (4) elected representatives from each class - Mrs. Jo Anne Mitchell, Sponsor
  • The Academic Committee
Student's grades reviewed each grading period - Mrs. J. Novik, Chair
  • Faculty Office Hours
All S.A.S. Faculty members provide two thirty minute sessions, two different days each week.

The School for Advanced Studies has a very active parent support group called Friends of Mashall SAS (FMSAS). Please see their web link on the Marshall Home Page  They are actively fund raising and meet monthly.  Let's support SAS fund raising efforts by buying an SAS student designed T-shirt or Baseball Cap for $10.  See Mr. Welch for details.
  • Parent classroom visitations during Fall of 2016 and Winter of 2017
  • May of 2017 will see the 4th. Annual S.A.S. Awards Ceremony organized and presented by the Student Leadership Cabinet and the FMSAS (Friends of Marshall S.A.S.).
  • Spring of 2017; Incoming 9th grade student-parent orientation (class of 2021).