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S.A.S. Application

For more information please click on the link below
Marshall Residents interested in applying to SAS (School For Advanced Studies)
need to show:
Proof of residency 
(1) Parent/Legal Guardian's CA state issued photo ID with the address in Marshall Boundary
(2) recent utility bill (water or electricity or gas) for the same address under the same name.
Proof of child's SAS eligibility
(1) identification of being gifted
(2) SBAC scores (exceed the standard in both, English and Math) 
(3) qualification under 4 critical thinking skills criteria.
You need to bring documents (see above) to Mrs. Novik, SAS Coordinator,
Main Building, Room 304 (7:30-2:10, M-F) till March 2020. 
If you have questions, please email Mrs. Novik jnovik@lausd.net
Thank you for your interest in SAS!