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John Marshall High School

S.A.S. Application for 2020-2021 School Year

Marshall Non-Residents
Please see Accept-Decline Guide files attached below.
Apply to Choices at  http://echoices.lausd.net/
Marshall Residents interested in applying to SAS (School For Advanced Studies) need to provide:
Verification of residency
- utility service contract, bills or payment receipts (e.g., gas, water, electricity)
- property tax payment receipt
- rental/lease agreement or current rental receipt with address of property on        receipt
- official government mail (e.g., CalWORKs, Social Security, MediCal)
- current pay stub
- voter registration
Verification of SAS eligibility
(1) identification of being gifted  or   
(2) SBAC scores (exceed the standard in both, English and Math)  or 
(3) qualification under 4 critical thinking skills criteria.
If you have questions, please email Mrs. Novik jnovik@lausd.net
Thank you for your interest in SAS!