Welcome to John Marshall High School!  New student enrollment (by appointments) begins on June 11, 2019. To schedule an appointment, please visit Attendance Office after May 13, 2019. Attendance office hours are: 7:30am - 4:00pm. Thank you for your interest in Marshall High School!

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Pupil Services and Attendance (PSA) Counselor

Pupil Services and Attendance (PSA) Counselors are child welfare and attendance advocates who utilize a three-tiered model (prevention, early intervention and intensive intervention) to improve individual and system-wide student attendance, engagement, achievement and graduation. 

Pupil Services Counselors work directly with students who experience difficulties in achieving their academic potential due to social/emotional, home and community barriers. 

Pupil Services Counselors in specialized units provide additional support services that are needed by the specific populations they serve.  

If you have questions and/or concerns, please visit Pupil Services Counselor in the Attendance office and/or call (323) 671- 1468.

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