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Gifted, Highly Gifted, High Ability Magnet

Our Philosophy

By providing a rigorous curriculum, Marshall Magnet School  offers a  course  of  study  which  is an academically challenging college preparatory program. The magnet presents
students with an array of enrichment opportunities which includes a full spectrum of academic and extra curricular activities. Our goal is not only to foster analytical and critical thinking skills, but to develop creative abilities and independent thinking in our students. The magnet student is a multi-dimensional individual whose successes are emotional and intellectual. These successes are interwoven into the fabric of the regular school program and community. By participating and interacting in a culturally diverse urban high school, students gain an invaluable experience which will enhance and enrich their ability to interface with the modern world.

Specialization & Differentiation
The magnet offers each of our students with an individualized program that meets the needs of the student while fulfilling the requirements of the universities and colleges both in California and throughout the United States. By thematically binding, and using an interdisciplinary approach over four years of study, students will be prepared to thrive in the most academic venues. The teachers selected reflect the philosophy of the magnet. They are professionals chosen for their outstanding teaching performance, their commitment and their willingness to develop the special skills and strategies necessary for teaching gifted, highly gifted, and high ability students.

What to expect from the magnet:
*  Outstanding classroom instruction
*  High academic standards
*  Computers in every classroom
*  Internet access in every classroom
*  Individualized programming with constant updated college information
*  College prep classes every semester
*  College counseling at every grade level

What the Magnet expects from students:
*  Outstanding attendance
*  Excellent study habits
*  Participation in elective activities
*  Senior portfolio (required for graduation)
*  Service Learning Project (required of all LAUSD students)
*  Pass the Calif. High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE)
*  Desire to excel

For additional information, please contact:
Rachel Morton-Magnet Coordinator/Counselor
 (323) 671-1430 or  (323) 671-1435

For campus tour information, please view our Tour our campus document.