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Clubs 2019-2020

Club Name



College Access and Preparation

To prepare students for college and help with applications/ financial aid

Mr. Salas

Sunrise John Marshall High School

To raise environmental awareness and to encourage reusables

Kassam Clay

Operation Smile Club

Raising awareness for cleft lip/ palate, and raising funds to donate to Operation Smile Club

Ms. Clampett

Key Club

Promote caring as a way of life, obtain service hours through service events throughout the local community, encourage leadership through serving others, become active citizens

Mr. Nagaishi

Film and Photography

To educate about film and photography and dive into what makes them good

Emily Reichenstien

Lunch Bunch

To create a place where students of Marshall can meet each other and create friendships

Ms. Semon


To create a yearbook for the class of 2020

Ms. Semon

Advocacy Club

To create a community of students with common interests, politically and socially. In an attempt to start a conversation on a variety of justice issues that affect the many in

Mr. Jones

Asian Student Union (ASU)

Involves different Asian ethnicities into one union to learn more about another and engage in deeper connections w/ other interested members of the clb.

Kasam Clay

Culturally Diverse Club

To ensure that everyone feels engaged and included despite their race, gender, personality, etc. And have the opportunity to express their inner selves



To engage students in issues pertaining to social service, justice, and change by educating them on building healthy relationships, families, and communities

Ms. Roader

Black Student Union

To provide a safe place for black and brown students on campus and discuss race-related topics


Dungeons and Dragons 'Adventurers Guild

To create an inclusive and inviting space for all peers, foster and grow the creativity of our club members, and encourage active participation in our community through socialization and teamwork

Mr. Slepak

Art Club

Seeks to inspire its members to think outside of the box. It's a quiet space for students with a mutual love for art to explore and create new projects

Mr. Slepak

Debate Club

To give Marshall students a voice, and a place where they can discuss and debate issues they feel are relevant in our society, community, and current political climate

Ms. Fundukian

Suicide prevention and Awareness

To improve mental health and provide awareness

Mr. Kapp

Teens against Bullying

Learn how to cope with our feelings using healthy alternatives, practice inclusivity and strengthen our bonds with our peers, normalizing conversations difficulties that arise in High School

Mr. Urkofsky

SAS Leadership council

Helps unify the SAS program, which includes students, teachers, and parents to form a sense of community through various events and activities

Ms. Fefferman

Youngsters that Slay Cancer

To promote and help American Cancer society fulfill its goal in raising cancer awareness and involvement

Mrs. Lalinde

Anime Club

To serve as a club who gathers individuals who share a common interest and build a strong community

Ms. Nagaishi

California Honor society/ California ScholarshipFederation

To recognize students living in the state of California who possesses high standards in academics. Helps students learn about college and how to prepare for life after high school


Junior State of America

To provide a place where students can learn about politics and share their ideas through debate and increase class participation

Ms. Barbour

Girls Learn International

To establish a safe place to discuss gender inequality

Ms. Dillion

Student Art Collective 

To give students the opportunity to create zines and art galleries featuring student art

Mr. Slepak

GSA (Gender & Sexuality Alliance)

To promote equality among students and allow them to partake in discussion issues that afflict the LGBTQ community

Ms. Gutierrez

Marshall Cross Country 

To create a team that works together to represent Marshall HS in cross country meets

Mr. Mack

Micronation Club

To simulate a national government and its day to day functions as well as to foster political debate 

Ms. Fundukian

Marshall Swim Club

To create a team that works together to represent Marshall Swim meets 

Mr. Mack

Christian Club 

To build a strengthen faith among students with God’s word through various activities, & to teach them to build new skills and relationships among students

Mr. Soto

Blue Pride Softball 

To be competitive, travel to a tournament

Ms. Labrador

Tools for Peace 

Help people develop kindness, mindfulness, and compassion through meditation

Ms. Carrol

Students Deserve 

A youth-led club fighting for justice in and out of schools, and discussing current events directly impacting Marshall’s youth community

Ms. Fefferman



JMHS American Red Cross

Provides the students of John Marshall High the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on our community by addressing its greatest needs with volunteer events and to develop leadership skills 

Ms. Kato

High StaKes Club

Helping students learn life lessons from friendly card games that also teaches students good sportsmanship

Ms. Garcia

Language Club

Exposing students to experience various cultures and learn the basics of different languages throughout the school year

Ms. Kato

Blue Tide Newspaper

Renew the school newspaper and allow students the courage to expand their voice and create an easier way to inform students of events happening at Marshall

Ms. Fernandez

LatinX/ ChicanX Empowerment

To represent the Latinx community and culture, spread awareness on Latinx issues, scholarships, reflect on historic events, discussion about great injustices upon the Latinx community and to have a safe place for the community 

Ms. Arranz

Kpop Club

To share Kpop and Korean culture and to make friendships that share similar interests

Mr. Urkofsky

Marshall High Amino Club

To unite students through the shared love of cartoons, books, movies, and more.

Mr. Kapp

The Green Team ECO Club

To make Marshall environmentally friendly and beautify the campus

Mr. Nagaishi

Ocean Preservation Club

Working with the Heal the Bay Organization dedicated to making the coastal waters and watersheds of Los Angeles safe, healthy, and clean

Kieko Clampett

Science National Honor Society

To design presentations about scientific observations/ideas to students to promote science competitions and scholarships for students show how STEM plays in the real world

Ms. Kato

Habitat for Humanity

A non profit organization that helps people in our community to build or restore their homes

Ms. Merrifield

Link Club

To raise funds for rescue teams as well support the cause, which is to change the way the world sees North Korea

Mr. Kapp

Finance and Investment Club

To establish a foundation in finance and investing for JMHS students

Mr. Jones


Working with the UNICEF Organization, dedicated to providing emergency food and healthcare to children and mothers

Ms. Garcia