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California Honors Society / California Scholarship Foundation

Meets every Monday during lunch

  • “Inform students about scholarships and college opportunities, hold drives, and gives students a chance for volunteer experience.”

Club Advisor: Ms. Barbour

Club President:  Fanny* Sitte



A.C.E (Architecture Construction Engineering)

Meets Wednesday and Thursday at lunch, after school on Fridays.

  • ACE is your chance to learn about different construction industry careers. It's also a great way to connect with other students who are also interested in construction.

Club Advisor: Mr. Nagaishi

Club President: Christopher Garcia



Junior State of America

Meets every Tuesday during lunch

  • “As a nonprofit, non partisan, student run organization to debate and discuss social, political, and current issues in an open and welcoming environment.”

Club Advisor: Ms. Barbour

Club President: Raquel Estlando*



Art Club

Meets every Wednesday at lunch

  • “Inspire creativity in students and encourage students to embrace their love for art”

Club Advisor: Mr. Slepak

Club President: Famy Suitu*



Habitat for Humanity

Meets wednesdays at lunch.

  • To provide community service for lower income families that are in need of a home. We help these individuals build their shelters as well as lend several hands to neighboring restores that sell and trade affordable home necessities.

Club Advisor: Ms. Merrifeild

Club President: Kate Michel



Key Club

Meets Friday lunch in the oral arts room, Wednesday nutrition only for club officers in room 409.

  • “Promote caring as a way of life, obtain service hours through service events throughout our local community, encourage leadership through serving others, to become active citizens.”

Club Advisor: Katherine Ory

Club President: Mr. Nagaishi


John Marshall High Debate Team

Meets Monday at lunch in room 52

  • “...We are barristers, and barristers debate, debating encourages the students to form and exercise these skills. Debate has shown to help students in speaking skills as well as critical thinking. These skills can be applied to future jobs as well.”

Club Advisor: Mr. Urkofsky

Club President: Arpina Melikyah


Girl’s Build LA

Meets every Thursday at Lunch in room 134

  • “To inform and educate our classmates and community about the importance of sleep. Our purpose and goal is to host activities where we will make items to help LAUSD students destress before bed. Through ? club we will produce a solution to the problem of sleep deprivation. We will help improve the health and wellness of our fellow classmates.”

Club Advisor: Ms. Reichenstein

Club President: Apollonia Cuneo, Suzie John, and Lydia Chong


Math Club

Meets Mondays on Lunch

  • “For student to get help during school.”

Club Advisor: Ms. Novik

Club President: Anthony Carrilo


Anime Club

Meets Thursday during lunch in 701

Club President: Jessica Hernandez

Club Advisor: Ms. Nagaishi


Cancer Awareness Club

Meets 352 Thursday during lunch

  • “To spread awareness of cancer and help fundraise money to cancer research. There will be school wide activities such as wearing a certain color to represent cancer i.e pink for breast cancer.”

Club President: Riah Hann

Club Advisor: Ursini


S.T.O.P Club

Meets lunch wednesday

  • Peace over violence. Awareness towards racism,sesxims, sexual harassment, rape culture. Teach safe sex, cons

Club President:

Club Advisor: Ms Feek


Youth Against Poverty

Meets during

Club President:

Club Advisor:



Meets during every Thursday at lunch

  • “To volunteer and raise money for children and women around the world who are in need”

Club President:

Club Advisor: Ms. Garcia


Earth Conservation Club

Meets during

Club President:

Club Advisor:


Dead Poets Society

Meets every Tuesday at room 352 at lunch.

Club President: Kenny Sophaphong

Club Advisor: Mr. Slavens


Liberty in North Korea

Meets every

  • “To raise funds for rescue teams as well as support the cause, which is to change the way people see North Korea - that it would be more about the people rather the politics.”

Club President: Kyle Choi and Erin Youn

Club Advisor: Mr. Kapp