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More than a Meal - The More than a Meal (MTAM) Campaign is LAUSD’s annual campaign to collect meal applications and household income forms for students.

At this time, the best way to have a parent complete Household Income Form (HIF) is through an online form.  The form can be found at the More Than a Meal (MTAM) website (see below) on the bottom right by clicking on the image of the (pink & white) HIF.


MTAM helps secure valuable funding for our District, our schools and our students.

Federal Free or Reduced Meal Application

Meal apps give more benefits than just eating on campus. If all families who qualify apply, Marshall High School could receive over 1 million dollars in extra federal funds that will be used to hire counselors, psychiatric social workers, teacher assistants, and teachers to lower class size.

Benefits for students:

  •      Free/reduced lunch
  •      Free PSAT for 10 and 11 graders
  •      Free SAT and ACT exams
  •      Waiver for college applications
  •      $5 for AP (Advanced Placement test)
  •      After school tutoring

Families must re-apply each year.  Please apply, even if your son/daughter does not intend on eating in the cafeteria. Apply if you are not sure if you qualify.