Seniors, Graduation Tickets will be distributed at the Graduation Practice on June 3rd at 8:00am.  You need to be present at the entire practice to get tickets.  Extra tickets will be sold for $4.00 at the Senior Picnic and the Student Store on June 3rd. ***** "Grab and Go" Breakfast will  be served to students before school only as of May 7th.  ***** Athletics--If you are a student, or volunteer coach, your forms can be found under the "About Us" tab, then scroll down to "Bulletin Board". ***

John Marshall High School

Alma Mater
To Marshall High we sing our praises,
Our Alma Mater dear we love.
The memories here will last forever,
The tower of truth stands high above.

A guide to right and high endeavor,
A mighty symbol in the sky,
Around it, comrades, gather,
Loyal sons of Marshall High.

United we will be victorious
For that tower in the sky;
Our spirits bound in friendship glorious,
We'll ever keep our banners high!

United we will be victorious
For the blue that waves on high;
Our spirits bound in friendship glorious
We are for thee, Marshall High